To be true, working on frames is kind of dirty and unhealthy.

Hagen Wechsel

I built my first frame in my kitchen with a camping gas flame.

I started building frames in 1980 and since 1982 as my main profession.

I build more frames, training and learning with everyone. Two years later I ran a bike shop im Lübeck and built 15-20 custom frames a year. There weren’t too many frame builders in northern Germany at that time and I was very ambitious, so I luckily became a professional frame builder.

In 2008, just when the aluminum business fell apart (just like steel in 2000), Gianni called me and ordered 5 track frames. I feel blessed to build their frames, they are uncomplicated and simply enthusiastic about delivering good quality at low costs. And they pretty much saved my old ass, too!

I’ve built some winning tandem track and cyclocross frames.