Paul Components – Touring Cantilever Brake Silver

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The Touring Canti is a powerful cantilever brake with a similar design to the Neo-Retro, but with the arms angled upward. This gives the brake a much narrower profile without significantly reducing stopping power. The narrower profile of the Touring Canti can be desirable if you’re riding with large panniers or if your current brakes don’t give you enough heel or calf clearance. The arms of the Touring Canti are machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum. Their T-shaped cross section prevents the brake from flexing too much under load. The brake pads mount to slots in the arms that allow for vertical positioning. The toe-in and angle can be fine tuned thanks to the spherical washers on the brake pads‘ threaded posts.

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MATERIAL: 6061 Aluminum
BRAKE PADS: Salmon Koolstop Thinline
CABLE PULL: Short Pull

Please note that all Paul Component brakes are sold individually.