Paul Components – Love Lever 2.5 Black // Set

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Paul Love Lever brake levers are machined inhouse to exacting specifications. Their design balances comfort and weight without feeling flimsy in your hand. The Compact fits two fingers comfortably and has a lighter weight.
The Love Lever 2.5 has a lever blade that is about 20mm longer than the Compact model. These levers are compatible with all long pull cable operated brakes. A 5mm set screw in the side of the lever perch allows you to adjust the reach, setting the distance from the bar to the lever to fit your hands. Barrel adjusters are included for fine-tuning your brakes, and their oversized design and smooth shape makes it easy to adjust them by hand.

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MATERIAL: 6061 Aluminum
WEIGHT: 137g
CLAMP SIZE: 22.2mm

Sold in pairs.