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Cargo Bikes

Whatever your preference is, you definitely find the right cargo bike for your daily use. Work, family, dogs, transport and delivery.


Foto Omnium Lastenräder

Omnium is practically the wild card among cargo bikes. Definitely the easiest to handle without load and super smooth-running. Also the only cargo bike so far that is available in four different frame sizes.


Foto Lastenrad Bullitt

The big bang of cargo bikes, a sporty seating position for the perfect transfer of loads. Very quiet driving characteristics due to the statically very low position of the loads to be moved. Extremely many different possibilities / configurations possible. The mid-engine eBullitt from Shimano STePS is also very popular and has not only proven itself for a long time with bicycle couriers!


Foto Lastenrad Christiania

The classic among the tricycles. Perfect for transporting children / dogs, collecting deposits, moving, etc. The only tricycle with three 24 inch wheels, very good handling even with a heavy load (100 kilos). It has the smallest turning circle of all three-wheelers. Driving pleasure! Often copied, never made.


Foto Lastenrad Muli

More than just a cargo bike. The muli sets new standards in compactness. With a length of only 195 cm it is just as long as a normal bicycle. But that’s not enough, as the large 100-litre basket can be folded down to a width of only 28 cm. So the muli is both a cargobike and everyday bike in one!

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