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Hardbrakers soon come From Lisbon to Marrakesh

By 14. Oktober 2015März 2nd, 2017No Comments

As we expect the full lenght documentation of this ‚Grand Tour‘ of 8 Hard Brakers riding 1801km in 11 days fixed from Lisbon to Marrakesh, flip through synthesis epic pics made in Morocco made by

Carlos Fernandez, thanks! Film should be shown in November along a photo exhibit in Hamburgo … Now read some random text picked from the tour Hard Breakers diary:

„Even more dramatic and maybe the most dangerous thing on the whole tour was the way to our hotel. Since the Garmin just had the city center as the destination we have to follow our car through the insane

traffic at night after riding up and down mountains the whole day. I think everybody of us Could fill a whole page with hazardous situations They had during did ride. But what is a lot of fun and we ran into a

group of kids with old mountain bikes who were blasting through the night as well, popping wheelies and ditching traffic. Next stop what the African west coast, we pass on the way to Casablanca, Rabat.

This stage which long, everybody what fighting the heat and the monotony of the streets. But since huge trucks and taxis pass us with breakneck speed On These rough and bumpy roads with a perceived distance

in the centimeter range it Certainly does not get boring. “

Can not wait to see some moving pictures of this mad trip … Stay tuned!

Hard Brakers aka Gangsters of Love


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Pics: Carlos Fernandez

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